Whiskey Rebel Flag (12″X18″ Black)


  • A salute the brave drunkards who stood up against the oppressive Whiskey Tax in 1794.
  • Includes the excellent Latin motto: Bibamus, Moriendum Est. (Let us drink, for we must die.)
  • Rugged 12×18 Inch black flag with white logo.
  • Logo pressed onto both sides so there’ll be none of that reversed lettering nonsense.
  • Heavy 200 denier weight nylon fabric is treated with DuPont’s SolarMax to resist sun bleaching and fading.
  • 4-lock stitching on the fly hem, and that’s a good thing if you know your fly-hem lock stitching.
  • Features brass grommets and a canvas heading, suitable for affixing to pole or wall.

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