Captain Alcohol Hoodie


  • Hide your beer, Captain Alcohol is here!
  • Featuring Modern Drunkard Magazine’s exciting new superhero comic character.
  • Exert a calming influence on all drinking events. Let them know their lives are safe, but their booze is in grave danger. From you.
  • Black or white logo, depending on hoodie color. (Select Color Option below to view combinations.)

Optional: Retrofit It!

This gives you the option of moving the large front logo to the back and adding a 3″ logo of your choice to the front, over the heart. Therefore, your item will NOT resemble the display image above. It will be retrofitted.

If you choose None the Retrofit is free. Otherwise, the additional logo goes for 99 cents, except for the full color logo, which is 1.49. The front logo will match the color of the back logo.

None Drunkard Logo +$0.99 League of Magnificent Bastards +$0.99 Blackout Brigade +$0.99 Atomic Drunkard +$0.99 Rebello Morte +$0.99 Tiger Whiskey +$0.99 Fezman +$0.99 The War Against Death Skeleton +$0.99 Full Color League of Magnificent Bastards +$1.49
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