Blackout Brigade Bundle (Basic)


Our Basic Blackout Brigade Gift Bundle includes:

  • A Blackout Brigade T-shirt (your choice of color, size, and shirt weight).
  • Blackout Brigade Booze Tumbler
  • Blackout Brigade Pint Glass
  • Drunkard Iron-On Patch
  • 2x Blackout Brigade Koozies
  • 3X League Vinyl Stickers
  • Blackout Brigade Holiday Card

All at a discount!

Blackout Brigade T-Shirt

100% cotton high-quality shirt.


Optional: Retrofit It!

This gives you the option of moving the large front logo to the back and adding a 3″ logo of your choice to the front, over the heart. Therefore, your item will NOT resemble the display image above. It will be retrofitted.

Blackout Brigade Etched Booze Tumbler

These massive high-quality ARC Nevado Denver Whiskey Glasses are made in the USA. The logo is etched in the glass–will not scrape off or fade. This is a big, heavy glass, holding nearly a cup and a half of booze, making it suitable for neat and cocktail drinking. Weighs in at a hefty 13.8 ounces unloaded. Made in USA.

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Blackout Brigade Etched Pint Glass

The logo is etched in the glass–will not scrape off or fade. Holds up to 16 oz of delicious beer, cider or cocktail. The rim is tempered, making it up to three times stronger than untreated glass, so it can also do duty as a mixing glass. Featuring a thick, heavy base, this glass is sturdy and won’t tip over easily. Made in USA.

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Modern Drunkard Flag Patch

2in X 3in Modern Drunkard Flag with iron-on backing. Polyester Blend Twill with embroidered border. Can be sewn or ironed on.

Gift Card Message

If you’d like to include a message on your gift card, (such as To: Ernie. Drink up, it’s Xmas! Best, Dottie) please enter it here.

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